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Automotive Electronics
Low-pressure injection molding can be used for a variety of automotive electronic products, such as tire pressure monitoring system (tpms), seat members sensor of PCBs , security with lock sensor, motor vehicle ECU, air quality sensor, PF device with the antenna, smart key (E-Key) system, etc.
The use of low pressure injection molding technology in all kinds of LED series and LED module of the waterproof envelope, compared with the traditional glue technology and high-pressure injection molding process, cured with short cycle, high production efficiency...
Low pressure injection molding can prevent damage to sensitive electronic components. Protect electronic devices from the external environment (such as moisture, mechanical stress, etc.) and able to act as the shell.
Wire Harness& Connector
Using hot melt adhesive sealing plugs and cable clamps. This process for grommet live production, overcome wear grommet cable time and improve the production process.
Low pressure molding provides protection to sensor coil, motor coil, instrument coil and all kinds of coil avoids damages to the coils happen in conventional high pressure molding.
LPM & its advantage
With the rapid development of electronic industry in china, LPMS Internatonal Ltd. brought the fully developed LPM technology into China market and we devoted to promoting LPM technolgy, which not only reduce the total production cost but also enhance the competitiveness of product.
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